Monday, February 17, 2014

Colorado Weddings - Wedding Planning Guide

 A Good Website Will Sell People On A Service
A Great Website Will Still Be Useful Afterward

Wedding Planning Guide Will Include

-Special Dance Demo Vids And When To Use Them
-My Approach To Reading A Crowd And Taking Requests
-Preferred Order Of Events And Why
-Things To Look Out For In The Planning Process
-So Much More On The Way!!!

Ceremony Music And Info

Reception Highlights


Get Your Crowd Dancing! - Crowd Pleasers

Music Styles For The Evening
These are all of the styles of music that I have listed on my planning form along with a few examples of some great songs and/or artists from those times that I am likely to play from those times

Music Requests - High Priority Songs (Up To 15)
Why only up to 15 songs? You are certainly able to request more than 15 songs but I need to know which songs mean the most to you so I can deliver a great performance which includes the songs which are the most important to you, your family and friends. 15 songs equals approximately one hour of music.

More Requests? - Nice To Hear

This is your chance to list the other requests which you feel would make your reception great! Again, keep in mind that about 15 songs equal about one hour.

Other Info About Requests
You might to include a few "DO NOT PLAY" Songs. Please include those here.

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